Working to create an accessible experience for all.

Policy Overview

The staff wants to make TGIF/F a safe, accessible place for anyone and everyone who wants to attend. We recognize that a wide variety of needs, illnesses, and disabilities, both visible and invisible, exist. We are dedicated to continually improving our efforts to ensure accessibility and we encourage feedback and suggestions in order to improve your experience.

We are not always able to anticipate the varied needs of our members, so we ask that any attendees with additional accessibility concerns please contact us before the con. Additional services such as ASL interpreters can and will be provided if needed. While we cannot guarantee that we will be fiscally or logistically able to meet any and every request, we will absolutely do what we can to make the con as accessible as possible to every attendee. Your con experience is incredibly important to us.

If for any reason a member can’t contact the staff beforehand or finds there are unexpected difficulties at the con, the staff will try and address issues as they arise at the con itself as quickly as possible.

If you wish to remain anonymous when discussing any of your accessibility concerns, please feel free to create an anonymous email account to write to the staff. You do not need to identify yourself, just say that you are an attending member and explain your needs. If a member does share their identity, it will be kept confidential outside those staff members who are working on any accommodations.


The following accommodations will be in place for TGIF/F 2020:


  • Ramped walkways into and out of all con spaces, where needed
  • Priority seating for any attendees in need
  • A taped off mobility lane outside the main con space
  • Clear signage indicating con programming and locations
  • Maps of the con spaces printed in the program
  • Early access to catered buffet lines for those requiring more time or with mobility issues


  • Quiet Room near the main con space
  • Foam earplugs available at Club Femslash
  • Large print programs available (by advance request)

Mental Health:

  • Gender-neutral bathrooms in our two primary con spaces
  • Badge ribbons to indicate pronouns
  • Content warnings posted in advance for all vidshows
  • Yellow “trigger warning” cards to silently indicate triggering content is being discussed in panels
  • Designated “Sober” Party Room
  • Security guards posted at the front and rear entrance of the main con spaces


  • All catered foods marked with information for allergies and dietary restrictions
  • Fully stocked first-aid kit in Con Suite for attendee use
  • Hospitality cart in Con Suite stocked with free supplies, including toiletries and basic medications, for attendee use

If you have additional accommodations to request, either for yourself or others, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

Hotel Information

We want to make sure you feel confident and safe navigating our venue and convention spaces. We have thoroughly explored the hotel spaces and can report the following:

Lobby, Elevator & Sleeping Rooms

The hotel lobby does not adjoin our main con space like in the previous hotel; some brief outdoor travel is required to get from one building to the other. We noted that none of the doors from the outside to the hotel interior have an automatic-open feature; they will have to be manually held open.

The hotel’s single elevator is located in the lobby; we confirmed it has recently been outfitted with new parts. It moves faster than the elevator at our previous hotel, but is less spacious–it can hold 4-5 people, or a luggage cart and one person.

We will still have complete control over room placement for anyone who books on our block. This time, you will be able to specify your preference in terms of proximity to the elevator versus the stairs, your distance from the party rooms, or if you would like a ground floor room. We will own the entire party room floor, as well as the sleeping rooms immediately above and below the party rooms, for noise control.

Main Con Space (Con Suite & 2 Largest Panel Rooms)

For the first time, our main con space is in its own building on the hotel property. Look for the sign for The Crystal Ballroom. We will have a security guard posted here all weekend.

When you enter the front door, there is a small open lounge with couches where we can congregate. Past the lounge is a large bar on one wall, for our use as we like. Across from it are the side doors to the Con Suite. Beyond that is a hallway that wraps around the ballroom to another set of con suite doors, as well as doors to our two largest panel rooms. There are both steps and a ramp down into this hallway.

The restrooms are located here, for our private use. The men’s restroom will be relabeled “Everyone” for the duration of the con. Immediately next to the front entrance of our main con space is a stairwell; this goes straight up to the sleeping rooms, on the far end of the room block (far from the party rooms).

If you enter the Con Suite from the lounge, there are two steps down into the space (see below). These steps will be ramped over for the con.

We are also planning to leave the ballroom wall divider partially ajar to create a second, faster pathway from the con suite to the large panel space. That divider runs across a single step down; it, too, will be ramped over (see below, where the yellow tape is).

The distance from the elevator to the front door of the main con space is slightly further than at our previous hotel, approximately 100 feet. To address this, service entrance doors in the hallway near the panel rooms will be propped open during programming hours to provide an alternate shortcut to the hotel lobby/elevator/breakout spaces. (See map below.)

This shortcut distance is approximately equal to the distance between the previous hotel’s con space and its elevator. (We estimate 60 feet or so.) It is entirely flat with no ramps or stairs. A female security guard will be posted at the service entrance doors all weekend

Breakout Spaces (Quiet Room, Small Panel Rooms)

We have booked all of the event spaces in the hotel for the whole weekend, which will give us as much privacy as is possible. In addition to our main con space, we have three other “breakout” spaces for programming. The first is directly adjacent to the lobby and elevator; the other two are between the main con space and the lobby, by the pool. Outdoor travel is required to reach these two rooms. One of the breakout spaces, the hotel’s “Garden Room” (pictured below) will be a Quiet Room. It will be approximately the same distance away from the main con space as the previous hotel’s was, by way of our created “shortcut” path.

Eating Spaces

In addition to the main con space and breakout rooms, we have also reserved two spaces just for mealtimes: one for all attendees (Marina Ballroom), and the other to be used for meetups (The Sails). To reach the meal spaces–which, as mentioned previously, lie past the junction with the hotel bar/restaurant–there is a small set of outdoor stairs with an adjacent ramp. These rooms are a slightly shorter distance from the con space as the elevator, but in the opposite direction.


Pet Policy

The Golden Sails does allow pets, as per their pet policy. Pets must be registered with the front desk and are subject to a nightly fee. Pets are not allowed in the meeting spaces, which means they cannot attend TGIF/F programming.

Service animals, wearing a service vest, are permitted in the meeting spaces and at TGIF/F programming. There is no fee for service animals. If you are bringing a service animal to TGIF/F, please let us know.

map of main con space

This is a map of the Crystal Ballroom, where most con programming will take place, provided by the hotel and updated by con staff. The main entrance is on the south end; the exit with the makeshift “shortcut” back to the lobby is on the northwest side. Ramps, steps, room purposes, and security guard locations are indicated below:


If you still have questions or concerns regarding the space, we encourage you to reach out to Apple, who is our Accessibility Coordinator. She can be reached at