+ What is TGIF/F anyway?

TGIF/F (“TGI Femslash”) is a place for fans of various femslash ships to hang out and talk about them. It’s like the internet in-person, we’ve been told. In addition to discussion panels, we also have events and games throughout the weekend to further bond with each other and celebrate what we love most: Gal Pals!

TGIF/F isn’t a giant Comic-Con-type extravaganza with celebrities, autographs, and photo ops. (We love that stuff, but this is something else.) Instead, it’s a smaller convention that provides a more intimate setting, focusing on rich discussions between fans and building a sense of community and camaraderie. Think of it like the difference between a giant university and a smaller college — Our cap of 150 people per day means you won’t get lost in the crowd and you’ll get to know people well.

+ Can anyone attend?

Yes! TGIF/F is open to people of all genders, sexualities, and fannish experiences. However, you must be at least 18 years old (by the con’s start date) to attend TGIF/F.

+ Is this new?

TGIF/F was founded in 2015, and we had our first con in early 2016. The 2019 con will be our fourth con. It was born out of a previous event, FaberryCon, that was just completing its 4-year run (of five cons). We had so much fun there, we expanded to a multi-fandom con to keep the good times going.

+ Wait, wasn't this in Los Angeles?

Indeed, it was! Our first two cons were in LA, but we moved to Orange County in 2018. We love our new hotel!

+ How does the room block work?

The hotel has set aside 40 rooms for us at our discounted price. You’ll book directly through them with our discount code. We work with the hotel to make sure our people are as close together as possible. But if you need help finding roommates, we’ve got you, friend. Email us or come chat with us in Slack, and we’ll work with you to find a spot and get you in the most cost effective and comfortable situation we can.

+ I want to talk about my favorite show! Will my fandom be represented?

We hope you will come talk about your favorite show, because there is almost definitely someone else (or twenty someones) who would love to discuss it with you. Only a few shows get dedicated panels unto themselves, but that doesn’t mean we only talk about them. We discuss dozens of different shows at the con, so come get yours in the mix of conversation!

+ Will there be celebrities at the con?

We do not formally invite celebrities. That’s not what this con is about. It’s about us –the fans — and what we have to say. We also wouldn’t want to skew the con toward a particular fandom by inviting an actor from that show. This is a multi-fandom convention.

+ I have concerns about accessibility and/or safety. What are your policies?

We’re glad you asked! Please see our legal page.

+ I can’t attend! Will you have any kind of streaming video so I can see the con?

Unfortunately, this is not something we can offer at this time.

+ I want to get involved! What can I do?

Get involved on social media! There is information about this in the “Community” section of our con info page. Also, tell your friends about the con!

If you are interested in joining the staff, email us and tell us what your skills are and what kind of position you have in mind.