For Immediate Release

TGIF/F ("TGI Femslash") is a multi-fandom, femslash convention designed to build connections, encourage discussion, and celebrate the media and characters we love. While individual ships have been celebrated at various cons for decades, TGIF/F was the first con to create a multifandom experience specifically for femslash fans. The convention itself is shaped by the attendees, allowing them to nominate, vote for, and lead their own discussion panels. Additionally, TGIF/F hosts a variety of events and games, creating an exciting environment where multiple interests are represented.

The intimate size of the convention -- under 200 people -- creates an atmosphere for fostering new, in-person relationships across fandoms and provides a safe space for LGBTQ fans. Additionally, this event demonstrates that there is a true demand for femslash representation in media. TGIF/F celebrates many different kinds of relationships between women in media, whether officially established onscreen or celebrated by fans through subtext.

The third annual TGIF/F will take place February 16-18, 2018, in Orange County, California. 3-day passes are $75. (2- and 1- day passes also available.) Registration is open, and tickets will be sold at the door. Attendees must be eighteen years of age. More details may be found at, as well as on the @tgifemlash twitter and tumblr accounts.

Questions may be directed here, or via twitter @tgifemslash