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The members of the TGIF/F staff bring a wealth of knowledge and experience about femslash fandom and fan conventions big and small. We worked together for years on FaberryCon and brought those great working relationships to this new project. The amazing sense of family we built there is what inspired us to create a larger, more integrated safe space for the femslash community as a whole.

Programming, Outreach

Before discovering small cons, Leah attended many a New York Comic Con and Harry Potter academic symposium. She started a career in writing with some truly mortifying self-insert Dragonball Z fanfic at age 12, and has just graduated with an MFA in Dramatic Writing for submitting a gay Disney princess movie as her thesis film, which only proves that you really can do anything if you try hard and believe in yourself.

An enthusiastic and lifelong fandom member, she is particularly partial to the Starses War and Trek, comic books, Broadway musicals, and anything else that would get you labeled a nerd in middle school.

Operations, Finance,

After attending dozens of other cons, John started running cons of his own, because the world always needs more femslash. He loves hugs, poker, vidding, and keeping up with The Walking Dead, Survivor, and a dozen other shows. Buy him a piƱa colada, and he'll share tales of having lived through The 100, Glee, Battlestar Galactica, and Firefly fandoms. John longs for [great? any?] representation of transguys in mainstream media and wishes it would hurry the hell up already.

John is also the 3-time undefeated champion of Buffy Jeopardy at DragonCon, if you want to throw down sometime.

Hospitality, Fundraising

Pooh has been active in various fandoms for over eighteen years, has served as an event coordinator to arrange meet and greets, small scale conventions, carnivals and fairs, and is an experienced board moderator consultant with both MediaBlvd and Fan Forum.

She is a skilled fundraiser and has a true passion for hospitality. While she may be known as "Con Mom" to many, she's also the proud mother of three and grandmother of two.

Marketing, Web

Kayla has been attending cons for over a decade, and has been active in the Sailor Moon, Harry Potter, Wicked, Glee, Carmilla, Agent Carter, and Supergirl fandoms.

Kayla is a level seventeen web wizard and has been known to smite civilizations for even joking about using Comic Sans. Her hobbies include angst, haiku, angsty haiku, and extensive headcanons.

Social Media, Fundraising

Kristine has been in fandom for over a decade, finally emerging from the shadows with Glee. She then proceeded to write ALL THE WORDS (well, 1.2 million of them) in her massive Faberry fanfiction trilogy and discovered a love of conventions with FaberryCon.

On staff there, she became indispensable as a renaissance woman juggling a dozen different tasks. It is possible Kristine is actually Tatiana Maslany, considering how she seems to be everywhere at once taking care of business and helping people.

(It would also explain how she was able to write 1.2 million words while holding down a full-time job, now that we think about it. Either way, we're happy to have all the Kristines on board at TGIF/F!)

DIY, Vidshow
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