Artist Alley

Come showcase your talent!


We set aside dedicated space in our Con Suite to be our Artist Alley! This is the social epicenter of our con and the best way to get eyes on the great things you’ve brought. Here, our attendees who create media, crafts, fannish goodies, clothing, and more can sell and promote their stuff. In the past this has included people selling pins and buttons, t-shirts, promoting a podcast, etc.

We are a small con with limited space; this isn’t a huge vendor hall. Because we have fewer than a dozen tables available, hosting in Artist Alley is only available to registered attendees (with full, paid passes), not outside parties who aren’t also coming to participate in con programming. We are holding aside up to 4 tables for our Web Series Spotlight, though these tables may be released to others if unneeded.

Participants in Artist Alley can purchase a full 6′ x 2′ table ($25) or half a table (3′ x 2′, $15) that can be set up Friday, Saturday, and/or Sunday, as you like. You are encouraged to attend programming at any point; you may temporarily close your table as needed. You are responsible for your items at all times.

Any attendee purchasing a table in Artist Alley will be granted one guest pass with their table. This person can help run the table, including in your absence as you attend programming, but they will only have access to the Con Suite / Artist Alley, Party Rooms, Quiet Room, and the Web Series Spotlight on Friday night. They will not be able to attend any other programming or events, or access catered meals or other con spaces.

When considering hosting a table in Artist Alley, please keep in mind this event has a total of fewer than 200 attendees and that three tracks of programming will be happening during most hours of the day. Please manage product prepared accordingly.

If you have questions, contact us at


Applications for Artist Alley are now open! The form will remain open until December 31, or until our Artist Alley is confirmed full.

Applications are subject to staff approval and availability. Confirmed artists will be contacted by November 30th. When tables are finalized, we will contact confirmed artists to arrange for payment for your table. Please do not submit a payment until your table is confirmed by staff.