TGIF/F is proud to offer a low-cost convention experience.
Attendee Passes

3-Day Pass: $80
2-Day Pass: $60
1-Day Pass: $40

All passes must be paid within 48 hours of registration.

Artist Alley

Full (6′ x 2′) Table: $25
Half (3′ x 2′) Table: $15

To purchase a table in Artist Alley, you must first purchase an attendee pass and/or be approved to participate in our Web Series Spotlight. More information.

Your Pass Includes

  • Entrance to all con programming and spaces, including Artist Alley and the Party Rooms
  • Catered lunch each day and free hotel breakfast buffet (Fri-Sun)
  • Access to our private cash bar during Club Femslash (21+ only)
  • A shiny personalized badge, a lanyard, and a program
  • Fun con swag and fannish buttons
  • Access to our private Slack channel to keep in touch with other attendees year-round.

Submitting Payment

Please register before submitting a payment for an attendee pass. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email. You then have 48 hours to submit your payment.

If you cannot pay within the 48-hour window, we will put your registration on hold and move you to the bottom of the waitlist. (See below.) If this happens, we will notify you, and you should not submit a payment.

All memberships are non-refundable. For more information, please see our Refund Policy. In the unlikely case we accidentally oversell the con, any payments made in excess of our capacity will be refunded in full.


We do expect to sell out for 2020! When no more passes are available, we open a waitlist. New registrations are added to this list.

If you are on our waitlist and a spot opens up, we will notify you immediately and give you 3 days to confirm you still want to attend. You will come off the waitlist and have 48 hours from that point to pay for your pass. If we receive no payment, or you decline the open spot, your registration will be canceled. You may re-register at any time.

When we begin to shape our panel lineup, people who are on the waitlist will not be eligible to vote on those decisions, but they are welcome to nominate ideas. If you are moved off the waitlist while polls are still active, you may vote.

Upgrading Day Passes

If you have a 1- or 2-day pass and decide later you need to upgrade to a longer pass, that is fine; just pay the difference. Contact us and we’ll work it out.

forfeiting your pass

If you are unable to attend the con but have already paid for your pass, you have several options, such as a rollover or transfer. Please see our Refund Policy.

We greatly appreciate if you tell us if you are no longer able to attend the con as planned. We will miss you, but someone else would love to attend in your place, and they will want as much time as possible to make their plans.