Spotlight: Web Series

Our annual highlighting of amazing queer content


Each year at TGIF/F, we spotlight a particular subsection of fannish culture in our programming. We’ve previously featured vidding and artists. This year, we’re featuring web series — maybe yours!

We are seeking 4 web series to feature on Friday night. We aim to showcase a diverse lineup providing a variety of representation important to our audience. Each selected web series team will receive:

  • 35 minutes with our captive audience to use in a balance of screen time and Q&A. (Example: watch episodes for 15 minutes with a 20-minute Q&A afterward.) Visual content is required, whether in form of episodes, a trailer, etc.
  • Free guest passes* for your team, and/or guaranteed regular passes (no waitlist)
  • Free space in our Artist Alley (half table or full table)
  • Priority in our scholarship fund. Each web series team can apply for up to $500 in travel/hotel assistance.
  • Promotion by TGIF/F on our social media, website, and in our program

*See information about guess passes below.

Attending TGIF/F

We are holding registration slots (beyond our attendee cap) for each web series to bring up to 6 team members for our Friday Spotlight. This team can be whatever combination of creators, cast, and crew you see fit to represent your project. These team members can speak at the Q&A and/or promote at your table in Artist Alley.

Each of your 1-6 team members will choose their pass type:

  • Regular pass: These team members gain access to all programming, catering, and con spaces. For those who want the full TGIF/F experience, this is their best option. These passes have been set aside for your team, if you wish to claim them; you will not be put on our waitlist. Passes are $40-80 (see pricing) and must be paid within 2 weeks of your web series being confirmed for our Spotlight.
  • Guest pass: Guest passes only provide access to Artist Alley in our Con Suite, the Friday night Web Series Spotlight in the main programming room, the Party Rooms, and the Quiet Room. Guest passes do not give access to panels, events, catered meals, or other con spaces. For those who plan to only be there Friday night, or who plan to spend their weekend running the Artist Alley table, this is their best option. Guest passes are free!

Teams can consist of any combination of regular passes and guest passes. If at any time someone with a guest pass would like to upgrade to a regular pass, they may do so by submitting a payment.

If you would like to have more than 6 people representing your project, you may have additional team members register as regular attendees (note: they may be put on our waitlist). They can participate in the Q&A and/or tabling alongside the 6 other team members.

In the event that some guest passes go unclaimed (because a team needs fewer than 6 passes), con staff reserves the right to distribute the remaining guest passes to other teams that wish to bring more team members in this limited capacity.

If you have questions about the Web Series Spotlight, please contact us.


To submit your web series for consideration, fill out our application form. Applications are now open and must be submitted by November 15. All applications will be reviewed by TGIF/F staff. The selected web series teams will be notified no later than November 30.

In preparing to apply, please gather the following information:

  • All links and relevant information about your web series
  • Names and roles of the 1-6 team members who would be attending
  • Estimated financial assistance requested, if any