If you want to come to TGIF/F, we want to help you get here.


We can offer financial assistance for:

  • Registration ($80 value) — 15 available (10% of attendee base)
  • Hotel (average $125 value)
  • Flight (average $300 value)
  • Other (food, gas, bus, train, etc.)

Assistance is available to both first-time and returning con attendees. You can request assistance for one or more of the categories listed above in the amount you need. There is no limit to how much funding you may request, but we have a limited pool of funds. We will allocate as much funding as possible to as many people as possible, either in whole or in part, but we cannot guarantee that a request will be accommodated.

Frequently, TGIF/F staff will research the cost of flights, hotel, etc. and offer a scholarship in a lower amount than requested that still covers the situation as described to us. We will work with you to get you as covered as possible for the lowest cost. We are happy to help you search for affordable flights, find hotel roommates in our discounted block, or whatever else we can do to get more bang for your buck before you apply. Please don’t hesitate to ask!


You can secure a registration scholarship as part of the registration process; it is built directly into the form. Registration scholarships are first-come, first-serve and do not require application or staff consideration.

Scholarships for flighthotel, or other travel costs require application and staff approval; they are not first-come, first-serve. We are awarding these scholarships in two rounds. 80% of our funds will be awarded to people who register/apply by October 15, 2019. (If your situation changes after you apply, contact us at

If you miss that deadline, don’t panic! The second window for consideration ends on November 30, 2019, after which we will award the final 20%. If Round Two applicants do not need the whole 20%, any remaining funds at that time may be dispersed to applicants from Round One whose requests were not fully funded. In the unlikely event that all requests are fully funded and money still remains, it will be rolled over into next year’s pool.

Applications for 2020 travel scholarships are now open!


At the close of each scholarship round (October 15th and November 30th), con staff will email applicants to discuss and offer scholarship awards for flight, hotel, and other travel costs. The recipient has the right to accept or decline the offer. When offers are accepted, we disperse funding immediately.

Accepting a scholarship is a contract. All recipients are expected to attend the con and use the funding received as intended.

In the event that a scholarship recipient is unable to attend, any scholarship funds delivered for hotel, flight, or travel must be repaid in full to TGIF/F. Your repayment window depends on when you received your funds. If you received your award before November 15th, it must be repaid by December 31st. If you received your award after November 15th, it must be repaid by February 15th. TGIF/F reserves the right to take legal action to reclaim funds not repaid on schedule. Registration costs do not need to be repaid.


Funding for scholarships comes from the previous con’s (generous!) auction proceeds. You can contribute via Paypal ( or Venmo (@TGIFemslash) at any time and add a note for “scholarship donation”. Thank you for helping! Please note that if you have outstanding auction debt, your donation will instead be applied to that balance.