Discussion Panels

These group conversations are the heart of our con programming.

Meta & Multifandom Panels

The majority of our programming is meta & multifandom topics. Unlike larger cons, our panels do not separate featured panelists from an audience of listeners; everyone gets to weigh in! These whole-group discussions are moderated by one or two attendees. We feature a variety of conversations nominated and voted on by those coming to the con.

To ensure our schedule has a balance of conversation types, we have three categories of panels: Analysis, Identity/Intersectionality, and Fandom Culture. This helps keep discussions more focused and specific.

Want to nominate a panel topic? Email us! Nominations are now open! Nominating a topic doesn’t mean you are committed to moderate the panel–though, feel free to throw your hat in the ring!–we just want to hear your awesome ideas. Registered attendees will begin voting in late October.

Single Fandom Panels

Each year, we also feature a handful of panel discussions based around specific fandoms. This is an opportunity to discuss both canon and fanon relationships, dynamics of the show’s universe, character arcs beyond the main pairing(s), and more, all with other people who love it as much as you do.

For 2020, approximately one-third of the panel slots on our schedule are for in-depth conversation of particular fandoms. Registered attendees will nominate fandoms and voted on these panel topics in January. Stay tuned!