2020 Con

Thank you to the 170 attendees who made our fifth con incredible!

The fifth annual TGIF/F was held in Long Beach, CA on February 13-16, 2020. We had a fantastic lineup of femslash panels and events over three and a half days. If you’re considering joining us in future years, this will give you a great idea of what kind of programming to expect. You can also see our schedule from the weekend at the bottom of this page.

  • Multifandom & Meta Panels
  • Single Fandom Panels
  • Events and Games
  • Web Series Spotlight
  • Multifandom & Meta Panels

    Our panels are 50-minute, open group discussions moderated by one or two attendees. Panels fit one of three categories: Analysis (A), Identity/Intersectionality (I), or Fandom Culture (FC). The con had three panel rooms running side by side for most of the weekend, providing choice and more opportunities for attendees. Registered attendees nominated and voted on their panel choices. These made the cut:

    – Asexuality in a Hyper-Media Landscape (A)
    – Body Image and Identity (I)
    – Cultivating Fandom Friendships (FC)
    – Disability and Chronic Illness in Media (A)
    – Enemies With Benefits (A)
    – Exploring the Self Through Fanfiction (I)
    – Fandom & Politics: Escapism, Activism, and the Gray Area (FC)
    – Gettin Bi: The State of Bi/Pan Representation (A)
    – Happy Hour (FC)
    – History is Gay Podcast (A)
    – Navigating Dark Waters: Exploring the Taboo (FC)
    – Queer-Coding versus Queer-Baiting (A)
    – Queer Fandom History (A)
    – Queer POC Impact on Fashion and Music (A)
    – Rarepair, Sparepair, Subtext OTPs and Canon Ones: How Do They Differ? (A)
    – Salty Gaysian Power Hour: This Time It’s Personal (I)
    – Ships that Sailed: An Ode to Femslash of Yesteryear (A)
    – Stanning While POC: Making Room for Ourselves in Fandom (FC)
    – The Rise of Purity Culture in Fandom (FC)
    – Truth in Fiction: Celebrating Rep That Made Us See Ourselves This Year (I)
    – White Privilege, Advocacy, and Allyship in Fandom Spaces (I)

  • Single Fandom Panels

    While many ships and shows get covered in general multifandom panels, some are so popular that they deserve their own conversations. We set aside time in the schedule for ten this year, which were voted in by our attendees. Conversation weren’t limited to just one ship (or the most popular one), but instead a celebration and discussion of everything that makes these shows what they are.

    – BIFL
    – Captain Marvel
    – Charlie’s Angels
    – Gentleman Jack
    – Killing Eve
    – One Day at a Time
    – She-Ra
    – Star Wars
    – Steven Universe
    – USWNT

  • Events and Games

    We like to balance the hours of deep discussion with other exciting activities throughout the weekend. Here are the great events we had at TGIF/F in 2019:

    – Artist Alley
    – Auction
    – Buddies Meetup & Breakfast
    – Club Femslash (theme: United Gaytions)
    – Femslash Vidshow
    – Fic Battle
    – Identity Meetups (POC, Trans/NB, Ace/Aro, Kink, Bi/Pan)
    – Open Mic Night
    – Movie Night: DEBS & Captain Marvel
    – Spotlight: Web Series, with Q&A

  • Web Series Spotlight

    Each year at TGIF/F, we spotlight a particular subsection of fannish culture in our programming. We’ve previously featured vidding and artists. This year, we’re featuring web series! These are the four series we spotlit this year. Go watch and support them!