2019 Con

Thank you to the 150 attendees who made our fourth con a blast!

The fourth annual TGIF/F was held in Orange County, CA on February 14-18, 2019. It was our first ever sellout crowd! We had a fantastic lineup of femslash panels and events over three and a half days. If you’re considering joining us in 2020, this will give you a great idea of what kind of programming to expect. You can also see our schedule from the weekend at the bottom of this page.

  • Multifandom & Meta Panels
  • Single Fandom Panels
  • Events and Games
  • Artists & Vendors
  • Multifandom & Meta Panels

    Our panels are 50-minute, open group discussions moderated by one or two attendees. Panels fit one of three categories: Meta (M), Identity/Intersectionality (I), or Fandom Culture (FC). The con had two panel rooms running side by side for most of the weekend, providing choice and more opportunities for attendees. Registered attendees nominated and voted on their panel choices. These made the cut:

    – Asian Representation in Queer Media (I)
    – Fruits and Roots (FC)
    – Gays as Protagonists (M)
    – Happy Hour (FC)
    – History is Gay (M)
    – Intersectionality: What Does it Actually Mean? (I)
    – Moving Beyond the Coming Out Narrative (M)
    – Queer Bodies, Identities, and Self-Image (I)
    – Oh, the Lesbians and Bi Folks Can Be Friends! (I)
    – POC Rep in Sci-Fi/Fantasy (M)
    – POC Roundtable (I)
    – Queer Ladies in Gaming (M)
    – Queer Public Figures and Their Influence on Popular Culture (FC)
    – Queer Women & Femslash in Animation (M)
    – Shipping Women Over 40 (FC)
    – TGIF/F Reflections (FC)
    – The Pitfalls of Canon Relationship Structures (M)
    – Why Is Nothing Good Enough For Us (FC)

  • Single Fandom Panels

    While many ships and shows get covered in general multifandom panels, some are so popular that they deserve their own conversations. We set aside time in the schedule for nine this year, which were voted in by our attendees. Conversation weren’t limited to just one ship (or the most popular one), but instead a celebration and discussion of everything that makes these shows what they are.

    – Brooklyn Nine-Nine
    – Crazy Rich Asians
    – Killing Eve
    – Legend of Korra
    – Ocean’s 8
    – One Day at a Time
    – She-Ra
    – The Good Place
    – The Haunting of Hill House

  • Events and Games

    We like to balance the hours of deep discussion with other exciting activities throughout the weekend. Here are the great events we had at TGIF/F in 2019:

    – Artist Alley
    – Artists Q&A
    – Auction
    – Buddies Meetup & Breakfast
    – Club Femslash (theme: Out of the Closet)
    – Femslash Vidshow
    – Fic Battle
    – Identity Meetups (Trans/NB, Ace/Aro, Kink)
    – Open Mic Night
    – Movie Night: Saving Face

  • Artists & Vendors

    Between the vendors set up in our Con Suite and our first ever Artist Alley, we had a great showing of talented folks offering up amazing items. Here’s who joined us either in person or in absentia; go support them!

    Abbey Gonka

    Beyond Clexa

    Butch Please



    Glorious Weirdo/Beth Hommel

    History is Gay Podcast

    Julia Hosack

    Killer Clockwork Llamas

    Mo The Artist

    Pi + Teloka


    Tara McAuliffe