2016 Con

Thank you to the 75 attendees who helped make the first TGIF/F a rousing success!

The inaugural TGIF/F was held in Los Angeles, CA on February 19-21, 2016. It was the first-ever convention of its kind, bringing together femslash fans from across the western hemisphere to celebrate dozens of ships and fandoms in a variety of genres.

  • Meta Panels
  • Multifandom Panels
  • Single Fandom Panels
  • Events and Games
  • Meta Panels

    Most panels were open group discussions, typically 50 minutes and moderated by one or two attendees. Topics were nominated and voted in by attendees. These made the cut for our first year:

    – Bitches Get Shit Done
    – Diversity and Representation
    – My Favorite AUs, Tropes, and Memes / Imagine Your OTP
    – The Perks and Pitfalls of Canon versus Fanon
    – What it Takes to Make Me Ship the Thing

  • Multifandom Panels

    We enjoyed discussing themes and similar character arcs across multiple fandoms from the same genre. Here’s what made the cut for 2016:

    – Femslash in Animation
    – Femslash in Comics
    – Femslash in High School
    – Femslash in Movies
    – Femslash in Sci-Fi & Fantasy
    – Femslash in Shared DNA

  • Single Fandom Panels

    While many ships and shows get covered in general multifandom panels, some are so popular that they deserve their own conversations. We set aside time in the schedule for four this year, which were voted in by our attendees. Each got two hours of time, split to focus on particular aspects.

    – The 100: Clarke/Lexa
    – The 100: Other Ships & Themes

    – Orphan Black: Cosima/Delphine
    – Orphan Black: Other Ships & Themes

    – Person of Interest: Root/Shaw
    – Person of Interest: Ladies of Interest

    – Agent Carter: Season One
    – Agent Carter: Season Two

    We also featured single hours for these six fandoms: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Pitch Perfect, Orange is the New Black, Carmilla, Jessica Jones, and Once Upon a Time.

  • Events and Games

    We like to balance the hours of deep discussion with other exciting activities each evening. Here are the great events we had at the first TGIF/F:

    – Costume Contest
    – Dance Party
    – Femslash Pictionary
    – Femslash Vidshows
    – GeekOut Trivia
    – Karaoke
    – Kickback Party
    – Probable Robot Screening
    – Raffle Auction
    – Screen Time
    – Shopping Time
    – Speed Fandoming