General Info

We’re thrilled to announce TGIF/F is back! We hope you’ll come join other femslash fans from around the world to celebrate what we love: GAL PALS
February 14-17, 2019

We’ve moved to Orange County!

Courtyard Santa Ana Orange County
8 MacArthur Place
Santa Ana, CA 92707


September – Registration opens
October – Hotel booking opens; panel nominations
November/December – Panel topic polls; schedule set
January – Vote on single fandom programming
February – Con!


This is a 3-day convention, but we’ve expanded an additional half-day for 2019! We’ll kick off the party Thursday evening with movies and socializing opportunities for Valentine’s Day. Then, Friday through Sunday, programming runs morning til night with meal breaks built in. For the full con experience, plan to arrive Thursday morning and leave Monday morning. Many people will extend their trip further to have more social time, so check with your friends to see how you can make the most of your vacation.


Unlike large conventions where you might get lost in the crowd, we choose to keep it on the smaller side with no more than 150 attendees. This provides a more intimate experience for making friends, building relationships, and taking part in conversations — not just listening to other people have them. This con is built with you — the femslash fan — in mind, and we want you to be a part of helping us shape what happens there.

2 HR
Meal Breaks

Because we don’t want you to miss any of the action, we build 2-hour meal breaks into our programming schedule for both lunch and dinner. We are also providing some catered food & beverage in the con space that’s included with the cost of your ticket. We’ll feed you a buffet lunch each of the three full days, plus a smorgasbord of finger food to fuel you during Club Femslash on Saturday, and an array of snacks throughout the weekend.