April 7-9, 2017

Holiday Inn Los Angeles - LAX Airport
9901 S La Cienega Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90045

Dates and location for the 2018 con have not yet been confirmed. Stay tuned!


October - Registration opens
Fall - Panel nominations open; hotel booking opens
Winter - Event details released
January / February - Panel topic polls; schedule set
March - Vote on single fandom programming
April - Con!

This is a 3-day convention. Programming runs morning til night with meal breaks built in. (See the schedule for details.) For the full con experience, plan to arrive Thursday evening and leave Monday morning. Many people will extend their trip further to have more social time, so check with your friends to see how you can make the most of your vacation.

Unlike large conventions where you might get lost in the crowd, we choose to keep it on the smaller side with fewer than 200 attendees. This provides a more intimate experience for making friends, building relationships, and taking part in conversations -- not just listening to other people have them. This con is built with you -- the femslash fan -- in mind, and we want you to be a part of helping us shape what happens there.

Because we don't want you to miss any of the action, we build 2-hour meal breaks into our programming schedule for both lunch and dinner. We also provide at least one meal over the weekend; tickets are available for purchase at the con.

Hotel Information

We have a great hotel for this event!

They offer a free shuttle to/from the LAX airport 24 hours a day every 15 minutes, free wifi in sleeping rooms and in the meeting space, and complimentary parking on-site for those staying overnight. (If you're driving in, you get a 50% discount, down to $10/day.) There is a restaurant in the hotel that serves hot breakfast (not cheap, but it’s good). McDonald’s is literally right outside the door in the same parking lot. There’s also a Thai place, Subway, Taco Bell, and much more within walking distance.

The sleeping rooms are modern and spacious, and can hold up to 4 people comfortably. We're happy to help you find hotel roommates once you're registered -- We have a Slack channel specifically for this purpose.

The con has reserved a special block at the end of one floor where we will house a significant portion of our attendees and have two "party rooms" (see next section). Though the sleeping rooms in this block are currently sold out, you can still book regularly through the hotel and request to be put on our floor, if possible, especially if you get a king bed.

(If you’re searching on Google Maps, be aware there is also a Holiday Inn Express at LAX -- this is not our hotel! We’re at just the regular Holiday Inn at LAX on S. La Cienega Blvd. Confusing, we know. Silly LA. Just use the map below.)

Our Hotel Spaces

TGIF/F utilizes the hotel's entire meeting space, 3700 square feet that divides into three sections, giving us the flexibility we need to feature a variety of simultaneous programming.

It features a large projector screen for our fannish viewing pleasure, free coffee, and a hotel bar immediately adjacent to our space for those who need a little liquid courage from time to time. We know it can be hard sometimes at cons to feel social and meet new people. But fear not! At TGIF/F, in addition to all of the amazing panels and games we’ll be running, we’ve got three different hangout spaces. No matter what your speed, there’s an option for you:

The Con Suite

The social epicenter of our con, the Con Suite is a large room immediately adjacent to the main programming space that remains open during regular con hours. Drop by to decorate your badge, play board games, color some awesome coloring book pages, take on some of our activity sheets alone or in teams, scope out the great items up for grabs in our auction, or just hang out and talk with your fellow attendees.

(Not feeling the scheduled programming? Take over a table and have a panel of your own! We’ll have a corkboard up so you can announce it in advance, if you like.)

Please feel free to bring board or card games from home! (Just please don’t forget to grab them before you head home from the con.)

The Quiet Room

Need a little personal, introvert time but don’t want to spend it alone in your hotel room? The Quiet Room is just the place for you. Right across the hall from the main programming, this is a silent space for reading, writing, using your laptop, coloring, doing a puzzle, or scrolling through your phone without the pressure of holding conversation.

We’ll provide plenty of outlets so you can recharge both literally and metaphorically!

The Party Rooms

Once official con programming ends for the day, we take the party upstairs! The Party Rooms are two connected rooms in our hotel block reserved solely for after-hours bonding, snacks, and drinks. If you’re just not ready to say goodnight yet, stop by and keep the conversation going all night long. No need to wander the hotel or refresh the Twitter tag -- this way, you'll know where to find people to hang with.


TGIF/F exists to bring fannish people together and build community across all borders. If you're thinking about coming to the con, we encourage you to join the conversation now and start getting to know the terrific people you'll be hanging with in April. Here's where you can find us:


  • Our primary account is @tgifemslash, where we post news and updates leading up to the con, and retweet fun, fannish content.
  • Our secondary account is @galsbeingpals_, where we livetweet fun quotes and things happening at the con itself.
  • We use the twitter tag #tgifemslash, as many other people use #tgiff for other things.


  • Our account is @tgifemslash, where we post news and updates leading up to the con, and retweet fun, fannish content.
  • We use the twitter tag #tgifemslash, as many other people use #tgiff for other things.

Replacing last year's message board, we have just launched our own channel on the new platform Slack! Here, registered attendees will have access to chat rooms to get to know each other better and help plan for the con. We feature channels for:

  • General chat / getting to know you
  • Finding hotel roommates
  • Nominating panel topics/ideas
  • Livechatting episodes of television
  • Making suggestions for vids or other things at the con
  • Sharing your favorite fic recs
  • And more!

9901 S LA Cienega Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90045 USA
FF Events, LLC TGIF/F is a new multi-fandom femslash convention! Our mission is to bring together multiple fandom communities to build connections, encourage discussion, and create art. Feb 19-21, 2016 18+